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tv   Third Rail  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we support the connections between the agencies which last year concluded the agreement. the prospect will make the efforts in energy area, in the gas sphere first of all is the priority area and we also
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continue to cooperate with bilateral line within the forum of the exploding countries which its headquarters in doha. in the last month also there was the last session of the created by the western working group and the world markets of aluminium. especially attention was paid to the discussion of regional agenda first of all in the
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context of the necessity to regulate numerous crisis of the region of the nearest north africa and the first priority task of combatting terrorism. russia is interested to create universal anti terror coalition on the basis of international law with the involvement of the u.n. and it was interested to hear the information for colleagues, both the coalition, the announcement of which was
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made. despite sanders strong attacks against the democratic front runner, there is little time to close in on hillary clinton's commanding lead. the nation's first presidential nominating contest will be held in less than two months. in the national polls, hillary clinton leads as much as 30 points ahead of her nearest competitor. al jazeera, manchest, new hampshire. >> translation: of course, we discussed what is necessary to be done to implement the agreement on the syrian settlement reached within the framework of international group of syria and u.n. security counc council.
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our joint interest is to contribute to the speediest settlement of the situation in libya, yemen, iraq and other countries of the region. we expressed the support of the further work of the strategic dialect between russia and the council of the cooperation of the arab states, the minister for foreign affairs. already there were three rounds in the countries and to conduct next year in moscow.
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russian, they have their close positions that concerns the importance of the promotion of the concept of safety with the participation of the countries of the region. we shared with our colleagues the renewed consideration of the russian party on the safety in the area of the gulf, taking into account the latest development, including the
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reaching of the agreement on the settlement of the situation regarding the nuclear program and including the abrupt escalation of the terrorist threat for all of us. we agreed about the time scale of the closest context, the political context for the talks on all these issues and other issues which are of mutual interest. thank you very much. >> translation: i thankise
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excellency lavrov, the russian government and the russian people for their hospitality. the talks we had today were good and constructive. the talks is completion of the previous talks between the two countries, between russia and qatar, and we are both interested in these relations and expecting these relations.
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of course, there are so many aspects political, economic, cultural and the exchange in commerce and investment and cooperation in the field of energy and gas. we in qatar always look forward to more cooperation with russia. i spoke with the minister and i said that we have big responsibilities towards our people's.
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particularly within the challenges in the region. this needs cooperation in order to chief peace, welfare and security in our countries. that's why we spot today and we exshake our viewpoints with developments and incidents in the international and regional levels. the purpose of maintaining and
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keeping international peace and security in russia has a big role to do this. of course, you know, the practices in the middle east took a lot of our talks today, and the syrian crisis was on top of the agenda of our talks. we are trying to narrow the gap in regard to the different points of view. in this regard i would like to say that we are about to start a political process. we will build upon what we have
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seen in geneva, otherwise we will go into a vicious circle. ings amongst the points that we agreed with the russians, the problem in this regard will never be for the benefit of any party. we now know that paying time or selling time will hit everyone include the syrian people.
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we know that the syrian people have relations with the russian people and also the humanitarian side is quite important to this. that's why we have to go through the political process and we need to be serious in order to sort out this ongoing problem and crisis. i would like also to say that the state of qatar has a position regarding certain elements to sort the crisis.
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the importance of having a position in the governing body with all capacities. the purpose of achieving peace bringing peace and security in order to apply the elements of the positional period. the importance of being committed to the justice. in this connection i would like to say that solving the problem in syria will be followed by solving the problem in iraq.
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we have some many points with the russians including the unity of the syrian people supporting the syrian territories' integrity. we have also talked about terrorism is at the center of everything. our viewpoint says that we believe terrorism is a threat and the dictatorships that are violent are increasing this.
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at the same time we stress that i condemn the ideas and ideologies that are destroying all the ethics. i would like to stress also that in order to decrease tension in the middle east, the main reason for that, and they are always thank the russians for the situation, namely, the palestinian issue, the palestinian question.
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we assessed the necessity to put an end to the capital base on the arab-- to the unrest with a capital base of peace. of course, this is considered an important matter to face the spread of extremism and to guarantee peace for all countries of the region.
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finally, i would like to congratulate the friendly russian people for the new year and i the new year will be more cooperation between the two countries. -- i hope the new year will be more cooperate between the two countries. -- more groupings between the two countries you have been watching a joint press conference happening in moscow after the two foreign ministers of qatar and moscow had a meeting. they had a meeting and talked about a number of things. at first it seemed like it was going to be about business because that's what lavrov talked about, but what was clear the top of the agenda was coming
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to some sort of resolution to the five-year conflict in syria. they also touched on iraq and bringing resolution and some sort of stability to the region in general. al jazeera peter sharp has been listening in as well. is this a natural partnership between the two countries? >> reporter: they certainly did agree on the major issue at this conference of the it's the first time that the qatar foreign minister came to moscow and they worked solidly as one when it came to trying to sort out the road map and the syrian problem. the qatary foreign minister said that the transitional government is the key to peace in the region. he stressed time and time again that the political process has got to move forward if they're going to bring about some sort of peace in syria.
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he also linked it with iraq and said once the syrian situation is sorted out, then iraq can be sorted out too and went on to condemn the israeli occupation in palestine. these talks, we've seen a parade of foreign ministers from the gulf states coming through moscow and it has reinforced, i think, moscow's role, its new role, resurgent role in playing a major part in trying to bring the situation in syria to a peaceful end true, but has it not been the moscow for the most part seemed to have been anal lie of bashar al-assad, but that's not necessarily the case with many of the arab nations that are involved. >> reporter: that's true. moscow has made it very, very clear that it remains convinced that the future of syria should
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be left to the people of syria and although i think it is accepted here in the kremlin that there is no long-term future for president bashar al-assad, they still would like to see him in place at the start of the transitional talks, but unlikely to play a role after that also another issue that lavrov touched on was dealing with the iran nuclear, and i'm not sure if you heard this, i'm not sure if he said iran nuclear program or iran nuclear problem. did you get any clarification on that peter? >> reporter: i really didn't. i was having a lot of trouble with lavrov's translation, i'm sorry there all right. in wrapping this up going forward, it seems these two countries really have top of mind, but it seems many countries do, to some sort of
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resolution to the five-year conflict, in particular, the qatar minister made a point about talking about the humanitarian toll this has taken on the health of syrian people. peter sharp, thank you so much. we will be calling on you again as i'm sure you're going over you're notes because they talked for quite a pit of time. thank you rescue teams searching for missing peoples from storms. at least 14 people have died and many homes have been destroyed. several state flights have also opinion delayed. some of the biggest cities in the u.s. have launched programs to eradicate homelessness. medical mental health and employment services are all part of the mix. >> reporter: a camp site for the homeless in the heart of
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america's capital shortly before washington authorities tore it down calling it unsafe and a health hazard as well as against the law. some who lived out in the open didn't want to leave. >> well, a tent allows you temporary shelter, safety. >> reporter: washington is one of a few u.s. cities where local laws require housing for all the home manies who are in need-- homeless who are in need. in man has lived in shelters and long-term housing. >> i've fixed the kitchen and stuff up. >> reporter: she hand her eight year old daughter share the apartment. she has a full-time job is glad she is required to pay at least one third. >> it's a place i can call my own. it's something that i'm paying for. so it is giving me, you know, the opportunity to be responsible >> reporter: within the next
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five years, washington's local government has vowed to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring. its most serious challenge is a shortage of affordable housing. providing permanent housing earlier on is seen as the most cost effective strategy for the city and local care agencies. >> if they wind up in hospitals, in mental health facilities, substance use, treatment centers, jail, prison, all of those costs tend to go down once people are housed. >> reporter: community hope is one of the city's non-profit groups that back up their housing programs with health care, legal services and help to prevent homelessness in the first place. >> sometimes just having resources and people there to help you and pull you along the way, and you're knowing that someone is there wanting to help you, it really does push people to want to do better. >> reporter: she says her hope is to move on in a couple of
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years and own a home of her own. tom ackerman algeria's government is to rehouse ten says of thousands of families living in slums around the capital. it will offer affordable homes and slums will become a thing of the past. >> translation: our aim is to save the people from misery. you can't let citizens live in tin houses. it gives an opportunity for all people to live in good conditions security has been stepped up in china's capital. after the u.s. and other governments warned of possible threats against their citizens. beijing has issued a yellow alert in shopping and entertainment areas. as part of the increased security checks, police will be checking rubbish bins and public areas every 30 minutes. the tell dpram revolutionized
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the-- telegram-- the way the world operates. with the advent of new technology, the telegram became obsolete in many countries. rob mcbride from shanghai. >> reporter: this lady is to do something something very few of her generation will ever do. send a telegram to her parents. one of china's last remaining telegraph counters is in this telecom office in shanghai. the city was one of the first linked to the telegraph system and will likely be among the last to hold on to it. >> translation: it's nostalgic for my parents. they're from a time when people used to write letters so this will be like a souvenir for them to keep >> reporter: the telegram begins its journey first by faction,
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sent to another diabetesing - fax where it will then be transmitted. this low tech in a high tech world. they are then sent over a network that uses machinery that is about as sophisticated as it will ever become. a museum to the telegraph charts the progress of the service from its even more primitive beginnings. including the code books that gave the thousands of chinese characters individual numbers so they could be transmitted. a service that peaked at 4400 0000 telegrams per year in 1988 has been in steep decline ever since - 44,000. >> translation: traditionally people would still use telegrams for congratulations or con dole ensays-- condolences but their dropping off >> reporter: hardly surprising that millions of people are signing up to apps on smart
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phones. the message to say the telegram is on its way is gone in a couple of moments but the telegram itself will take about a week. with such a relatively long wait, it will probably take more than nostalgia to save the chinese telegram a former ied tea has been jailed in the f.i.f.a. scandal. the former head of south america football confederation is one of 7 top f.i.f.a. officials arrested in zurich back in may. he faces two to 1 ah years in prison if convicted. he is to be extradited on accepting bribes from sports marketing firms. on thursday the 83-year-old was taken straight to a court. stay to us. another full bulletin of news is straight ahead. straight ahead.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour, i'm in doha, coming up, in the next 60 minutes, indian prime minister modi makes a surprise visit to pakistan to meet his counterpart. dozens of civilians killed in fighting as the afghan army captures to recap the province from the taliban. a u.n. deal could see i.s.i.l. fighters and syrian rebels given safe passage out of the refugee camp.


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